La Petite Belle

La Petite Belle is a half scale seaworthy reproduction of Rene-Robert Cavelier’s ship LaBelle and is located in Palacios, TX on Tres Palacios and Matagorda Bays. The vessel is 30 feet long 8 feet wide and displaces about 15,000 lbs.

La Petite Belle is part of the LaSalle Odyssey. The stated mission is to:

  * Build a tourist attraction for Palacios
  * Serve as an ambassador for Palacios
  * Establish the Palacios claim on this historic event
  * Compliment the La Salle exhibit at the museum.
  * La Salle Odyssey Destination (Texas Historical Commission)
  * Icon for historic education on LaSalle and his expedition
  * Project an image of sailing vessels of the time.
  * Develop a 17th Century Sailing School for crew (not fully established yet)

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  1. Very cool. Saw this on PBS tv. I will have to visit. I would love to take a ride.